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Nature’s Green is Gold

Nature-HerbsEven at its scientific best, modern medicine has its roots in the use of green and herbal remedies. Until 60 years ago nearly all the descriptions of drugs indicated herbal origin in the pharmacopoeia. In the quest for refinement modern chemical technology helped in isolation of the innumerable active principles embedded in those green remedies and such active substance were manufactured synthetically in the laboratories and used as curative agents on the mass-scale in diseased conditions with promising results.

After early and initial success these new synthetic magic drugs began to exhibit their inherent drawbacks in the form of adverse side effects during or after their usage.

Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine of India which operates on the green herbs/plants/trees etc. By using combined herbal preparations rather than using the isolated chemical active ingredients the various chemical constituents will function synergistic-ally and mitigate any harmful side effects.

For instance take the example of the herb ephedrine(simulate); its active ingredients is the alkaloid ephedrine commonly prescribed for treating asthma. The crude plant contains other alkaloids like pseudo-ephedrine that counters the side effects of ephedrine such as increased blood pressure and heart beat. This can confer relief to an asthma patient if used in total form. Thus a wholesome green plant is nature’s gift to the suffering mankind.

The effectiveness lies in the fact that plants, especially green herbs are concentrated repositories of nature’s intelligence which when used properly can increase the expression of the that intelligence in the human body.


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